viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Remove Omiga Plus

Recently it happened that my computer was affected by the "Omiga Plus" malware. The symptoms were:

  • My browser start page, new tab and home page were changed to show the "Omiga Plus" web search page. 
  • One search plugin was added to the list and set as default in Chrome and Firefox.
  • If I change manually the start page, new tab and home page settings, the omiga settings were resetted "magically" when I restart the computer.
It happens that de mentioned "Omiga Plus" is a not a virus but a malware, specifically a browser hijacker and its really annoying to have those bugs lurking in the computer. Some of those only "hijack" the web browser (hence the name) and redirect search to a specific web page, but only they know if they are capturing some other data.

Deleting this kind of software sometimes can be easy or turn out to be an odyssey. There are from every kind and for me this was the most complicated to delete that I have found yet. I tried in several ways but they didn't work, at least for me:
  • Avast!: I have it on my computer as my antivirus of choice but It didn't even blink, didn't detected the omiga malware.
  • Spybot: I installed and executed it, but again, didn't delete the omiga malware.
  • I manually deleted a suspicious file that executes on computer start. Resetted the browser options but those keep emerging after a computer reset.
  • Adwcleaner: finally, one of the many pages I visited ( commented it was posible to remove it with some antimalware tools and recommended adwcleaner. I downloaded from this URL (adwcleaner malware removal tool) and it worked perfectly.

After removing the malware, resetted manually the start page, new tab and plugins in my browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome) I restarted the computer and the issues didn't show up again.

Espero que esta información is useful to you.

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